Who We Are

We are family members, friends & educators of adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who formed a Kansas Non-Profit Corporation 501c3. We have experienced first-hand the challenges of assisting adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining successful employment opportunities and healthy, enjoyable lifestyles.

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Our Mission

Providing unique employment opportunities for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities within local business communities.

  • Respectful, Person Centered Planning.
  • Vocational (on the job) training at Heartstrings Businesses.
  • Interactive recreational activities and volunteer opportunities.
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Our Vision

Assist adults with developmental disabilities to live meaningful, productive and independent lives through employment in the business community. This will be accomplished by building successful and enriched business relationships using the unique expertise and practices of the HCF® model.

Our Guiding Principles

Provide clients with choices in living options, employment and socialization.

Create opportunity for the community to interact with or employ people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Practice kindness, encouragement and respect while recognizing individuals' strengths, talents and challenges.

Empower people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to become valuable employees with appropriate training and support.

Encourage environments where people with intellectual/developmental disabilities are well trained and supported by team members.

Advocate and educate about people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Our Businesses

Goody Delivery®

Goody Delivery® is a mobile candy company providing high quality snacks to office complexes in the K.C. Metro area.

Sacks on Santa Fe

A boutique clothing store for women and men offering resale clothing as well as a selection of “new” accessories and home décor items. Located in charming Downtown Overland Park!

Help Us Make A Difference

We’re always looking for people who can help us make a positive impact on our community. Learn more on how you can help get involved with Heartstrings Community Foundation.

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Become an advocate for positive change in our community. Help us provide unique employment opportunities for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.