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Heartstrings Community Foundation has the job for you…assisting adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the community.

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Current Openings

Job Title: Program Developer/ Team Leader

Salary Range: $13.78-$16.42
Exemption Status: Non-Exempt 40 hr.

Minimum Qualifications:

Educational: HS diploma/GED
Experience: 3 years’ experience of leading or developing programs; knowledge of basic art techniques, mediums and materials; high level of interest in art.

Substitution: Associate of Arts degree or higher in an art-related field from a certified agency with experience in planning and development of programs.

Responsible to: Director of Operations; this position is a member of the management team.

Responsibility and Authority: This position will develop an interactive program for art education, creation and distribution of the art for the employees of Heartstrings Community Foundation along with the responsibilities of Team Leader. This position is responsible for creating the structure of the program, developing a reasonable budget for the program, obtaining the supplies needed, developing curriculum and implementing said curriculum. This position requires a two-year commitment to HCF® to ensure that the program is successfully implemented.
Responsible to the Director of Operations to provide assistance in achieving HCF’s mission, in compliance with related federal, state, and local regulations and HCF policies and procedures.

Program Developer Essential Duties:
• Develop basic structure of Art Program
• Develop and manages annual art program budget in coordination with DO and ED
• Analyzes the most cost effective methods of obtaining materials
• Research and obtain location for program
• Develop methods of promoting and selling the finished art pieces to the community
• Develop a network of donors, both financial and material, and consultants for the program
• Provide necessary information to HCF grant writers for related grant money
• Meet at least weekly with DO and/or ED to discuss progress and assistance needed
• Attend Management Team meetings as team schedule allows
• Ability to work independently and as a team

Team Leader Essential Duties:
• Trains and leads employees at all times including but not limited to appropriate dress and hygiene, customer service, time management, appropriate behaviors, interpersonal and social skills
• Responsible for employees during service hours
• Provide skill training for employees in specific job duties
• Direct training of individuals on Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, Rights and Responsibilities, Self-Advocacy, and Health and Safety Practices
• Assure health and safety of employees at all times
• Provide transportation to employees during the work day
• Prepare equipment as necessary for job tasks
• Complete documentation of data and other information pertaining to employees in a timely manner
• Attend all staff meetings and training sessions
• Promote and participate in all HCF fundraising activities
• Represent HCF in the community with our employees, including in the professional business world
• Assisting with any and all staff and employees as needed
• Attendance in accordance with HCF policy

Nonessential Duties:
• Other duties as needed including but not limited to cleaning, loading and unloading of vehicles

Required Physical Activities:
• Maintain CPR/First Aid certificate
• Ability to lift 30 lbs or 1/4 of body weight

Driving Requirements:
• Ability to travel independently to various locations
• Ability to adhere to HCF’s transportation policy

Other Requirements:
• Maintain all training required by HCF
• Maintain a negative TB test
• Ability to meet state required background checks
• Submit to periodic drug testing
• Ability to understand written and verbal communication
• Problem-solving and decision-making ability
• Ability to supervise the work of others
• Ability to communicate in English (hearing and speech)
• Professional conduct
• Dress in accordance with HCF policy
• Professional written communication
• Bondable
• Good documentation, organization and tracking skills
• Good computer skills
• Ability to work independently and as a team member

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