I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff, as well as the artful way the items and clothing are displayed. The atmosphere is that of an upscale boutique…with room to browse and nice dressing rooms. I will definitely return and bring my daughter along!

Deborah G,  Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

The Heartstrings Community Foundation has contributed to the community by providing opportunities and encouraging the cooperative union of businesses and those who have needs in the community. I see that Heartstrings Community Foundation has become known in the community for a genuine spirit of generosity, compassion, and civic involvement. I applaud your initiative to improve the quality of life for all those in the community, especially for those with special needs. The opportunities you provide them with will undoubtedly equip them for success in the future. Your dedication to healthy, enjoyable lifestyles and successful employment will ensure the wealth of your community for years to come.

Sam Brownback,   Former Governor of Kansas

Thank you again for the beautiful candle. I love it, and love your stores … I’m a frequent customer of all three stores and most of the gals working them know me. I’ve told alot of people about how neat all three stores are and they agree! Thanks again for your generosity … you can be sure I’ll tell everyone where it came from.

Nancy Ellis,  All Stores

[Heartstrings Community Foundation] operates as a 501(c)(3)organization in our city and provides a valuable service in our community. In addition to operating two businesses that offer employment to adults with developmental disabilities. Heartstrings also plans and host the All American Celebration. This event honors veterans, firefighters and police officers in Johnson County and is offered free of charge to all. I am proud that Heartstrings CommunityFoundation chose Overland Park as its first location.

Carl Gerlach, Mayor of Overland Park

It [Heartstrings Community Foundation] is a 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation that has won high praise and recognition in the community for their innovative and effective delivery of day service to developmentally disabled adults. The main focus is to help provide training, support and placement in vocational opportunities in the local community. This is supplemental with life skill training and social skills training and involvement in the community activities.

Pat Colloton, Former State of Kansas House of Representatives

I visited this store during a recent trip to Penzey’s. I found a rad little gauzy blouse by Hemline amongst the treasures and some cute handbags that I liked. They have some nice jeans and dresses also. Most of their clothes are generally upper brands and designer. Personally I like thrift stores like this. A cute pair of pink flats caught my eye and accessories. It’s a cute little shop, so don’t expect huge. The staff are very nice, and I like what Heartstrings do. I could have spent a lot of money there, which seems to be the case on bothes sides of Sante Fe in downtown Overland Park, in all the stores and restaurants. Sacks is a thrift store, owned by Heartstrings. I will go back just to see what they have. It’s one of those stores, if you see something right then, you should get it, cause it won’t be there the next time you go.

Rhonda S., Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

Applebee’s International enjoys participating with Heartstrings and values the quality service HCF provides to the community. Nearly 30 adults with developmental disabilities are afforded employment in the community through Heartstrings. The participants work in a Good Delivery business, On Own My Own Home Accessories Store and in several Johnson County businesses, including Appebee’s International Home Office.

Lloyd L. Hill, Former CEO of Applebee’s International, Inc.

Not a thrift store, not a consignment store, but a tad too upscale to be called a used clothing store. I liked it. I didn’t buy any *clothes* there, but I picked up a belt and two pairs of earrings. My shopping partner, however, found a stunning NWT orange dupioni silk jacket for fourteen bucks. A steal!

They have some nice options from local fashion stores (like Hemline), but don’t look for anything terribly funky or unusual. The styles sold here a pretty solidly Plaza-Woman sort of some. Some Chico’s, etc.

Ditto what everyone has said about the staff. When I was there, the woman working the store stayed open fifteen minutes late for us and a handlful of other customers. Didn’t try to chase us out and didn’t lock the doors do nobody else could come in. Above and beyond the call of duty, for real. Her patience and customer service is what bumped this up to five stars.

It’s a four-star shop, with a five-star worker. I wish I’d gotten her name. She was fantastic.

Lydia A.,  Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

A really cute little thrift store that, like so many other great little thrift stores in the area, are connected to a great community organization. This one in particular helps those with developmental disabilities find a place in the workforce. It was cute, quaint, and clean! So easy to find things, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The people who where working were so sweet, I was greeted by everyone even if it was just a smile. Even on the way out, the two Russian ladies sitting on the bench outside said good-bye. Definitely felt the community pride in this little shop.

Carrie H., Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

Most people look forward to Fridays, but I find myself looking forward to Thursdays. Why? Because Heartstrings Goodie Delivery will be coming by to brighten my day! As soon as I see them walking in, a smile will spread across my face. They know that I need some Jelly Bellies and always help pick out just the right bag to take to my mom. She always looks forward to having a sweet treat at the end of a long day. Happiness is contagious, and Heartstrings spreads smiles and joy wherever they go.

Ann Pierce, Administrative Receptionist CBIZ MHM

Sacks on Sante Fe is where it’s at. All I really want to say about this place is AWWWWW. Sacks is a great clothing and accessories store started by the Heartstrings Community Foundation. Google them people. They help employ people with disabilities and the folks at Sacks just brought a joy to my heart as I walked in and saw what the whole system is all about.

The shop has some great secondhand clothing for next to nothing. Quickly being greeted, you felt a warmth throughout the no-nonsense shop that epitomizes the idea of ‘people helping people’.

Go check this place out. (Insert crazy, happy emoticon here)

JJ W.,         Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

I have two grand dogs that have REALLY enjoyed the dog treats you provide.

My daughter & son in law moved to Jacksonville Beach, FL and I continue to send them because they have come to know them as a real TREAT! As a matter of fact, when we ask if they want a treat, they go directly to the refrigerator where we keep them fresh! My daughter says that it is quite entertaining when the UPS package arrives!!!

They had to be boarded for the first time and did wonderful but they would not eat their treats. Luckily, my daughter took the treats you provide us with because they LOVE them.

Thanks for helping me create a great bond with my grand dogs, as they know I am the one who provides them. It was nice when I could deliver them in person because they got SO excited for my love & treats!!

Marla J., Raving fan of HCF dog treats

Great organization, great employees, a little high end and some new clothing

Angela W., Sacks on Santa Fe Customer

Become an advocate for positive change in our community. Help us provide unique employment opportunities for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.