Heartstrings Community Foundation® is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Heartstrings in Bloom

Our Diamonds want to thank you for attending
Heartstrings in Bloom – Denim & Diamonds

The gala was a true celebration of our future.
We have spoken about expansion for many years and it is happening!
We have a beautiful new building and the opportunity to bring in 7 new employees this year.
Three of those seven have already joined us!
As you heard at the gala, the cost for 7 new employees is $168,000. You got us started by raising $41,170 during Fund-A-Need.
Follow our progress with the thermometer on our website as we continue to work toward the $168,000.
The employees in the above picture are holding signs with the number of years they have been at Heartstrings.
We cannot wait to add more employees to this picture next year!
You are a diamond and we thank you for empowering and including our employees in your lives.

Save-the-Date – Heartstrings in Bloom April 25, 2020 @ Embassy Suites Olathe

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