Heartstrings Community Foundation® is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Heartstrings Community Foundation is committed to finding new ways to better serve the  community and make it easier for others to get involved as well. By teaming up with The Ripple, it’s now even easier for the community to donate to HCF®’s cause. Anyone can list items for sell on The Ripple, then the proceeds will go directly to Heartstrings and the seller automatically receives a tax receipt. 

The Ripple’s Mission is to promote faith, cure disease, improve disaster relief, reduce crime, improve quality of life, and grow faith in humanity while providing things people need at prices they can appreciate. Their main function is to assist in providing new or used goods and or services to the public at an extremely gracious price, paid in the form of a donation to a specified charity. This removes unwanted items from your home for a tax-deductible price paid by someone else, provides useable items to those in need at a deep discount, and helps a righteous cause with a cash donation all in the same act! 

Heartstrings Community Foundation is a unique Employment Service for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who desire an employment opportunity where community interaction is a significant portion of their day. Learn more at https://heartstringscf.org 

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