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Heartstrings Reopens May 4th.

Following the temporary closure of the Heartstrings Community Foundation day services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the plan to reopen is as follows:

We have consulted with the CDDO following the Johnson County stay at home order extension and Heartstrings will reopen for services on Monday, May 4, 2020. All IDD services are considered “essential” and KDADS will support each CDDO in the decisions made for their catchment area. Our reopen date and plan will be revised as necessary to remain within guidelines set by the state or county.

(See also Heartstrings in Bloom Rescheduled for August 22, 2020.)

General, at all Heartstrings locations:

1. The first week will be “in-house” to allow for readjustment to a structured work schedule and refreshing skills for usual work tasks.

2. For the first two weeks, we are expecting employee attendance in the mid-teens by count. This will enable us to space out throughout the building in separate small groups with one or two staff with each group. In line with the congregate setting rule, members of the group will remain 6 feet apart with no more than 10 in one group, including staff. We anticipate no more than 6-7 employees in a group with two staff. We will utilize several rooms in the building and Sacks on Santa Fe. If weather permits, we may also do walks nearby or in non-crowded parks and trails. This plan will remain in effect until the congregate setting rule is rescinded.

3. Furniture in the common areas will be arranged to encourage distancing.

4. Upon arrival at Heartstrings for the day, a person’s temperature will be taken using the forehead thermometer and the person will use hand sanitizer. This includes staff, employees and visitors.

5. Cleaning in the building will be done at least daily, with high contact surfaces cleaned at least twice daily. High contact surfaces include exterior and interior door handles, faucet handles, toilet handles, table tops, locker handles and other surfaces that may be frequently touched.

6. Frequently touched surfaces on or in the vans will be cleaned upon the beginning and end of an activity.

7. Handwashing will be done when starting and ending an activity and will be supervised when it is possible and appropriate to do so. A person’s right to privacy will be honored.

8. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the buildings and with staff for use in vehicles and in the community.

9. Face masks will be available to anyone who wants to use one, if allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or a runny nose are present, and/or if an appropriate social distance cannot be kept.

10. Gloves (vinyl or nitrile) are always used during packaging, dog biscuit production and cleaning tasks. This is standard Heartstrings practice.

11. Packaging team members will wear a facemask in addition to gloves while working.

12. No volunteers will be allowed until further notice.

13. Visitors will be discouraged until further notice. Any visitors to the Ridgeview location must be approved by management and report to the main door to enter. The person’s temperature will be taken using the forehead thermometer. Snacks on Racks snack delivery may enter through the north doors if arriving before 9:15AM.

14. Necessary delivery or repair services will be granted access.

Sacks on Santa Fe

In addition to the above guidelines and standards, the following apply:

1. Sacks on Santa Fe will not open for business before May 18, 2020.

2. All surfaces will be sanitized after each customer when open to the public.

3. Markers will be placed on the floor 6 feet apart to maintain public social distancing.

4. It is Heartstrings standard policy that our restrooms are not open to the public.

Goody Delivery:

In addition to the above guidelines and standards, the following apply:

1. Goody Delivery will resume no earlier than the week of May 18, 2020. The Goody Delivery Manager will contact delivery sites according to the order they appear on the schedule to coordinate a restart date with the company. This will require help from other management and direct staff.

2. Heartstrings will continue to adhere to any and all policies and procedures of the Goody Delivery location, including those of distancing, gloves and facemasks.

3. The Goody Delivery team will use hand sanitizer upon arriving at the business and when finished there.

4. If not required by the Goody Delivery site, facemasks and gloves will be available to those who want to wear them.

5. It is Heartstrings standard policy that if a person has an open wound that cannot be covered appropriately or significant allergy symptoms are present, they will not be scheduled for Goody Delivery.

For more information about about COVID-19 updates, visit the Kansas Department for Aging and Disabilities Services website https://www.kdads.ks.gov/ or the CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/

Have questions or concerns? Email info@heartstringscf.org or call 913-649-5700

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