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Heartstrings Levels Up in 2019

Olathe, KS – December 19, 2019 – 2019 has been a year of fine tuning for Heartstrings Community Foundation. Heading into its 19th year in operation, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. That’s due – in a big part – to strategic staffing changes, including promotions and new hires.

Jonathan Watkins was promoted from Team Leader to Director of Operations; Jonathan brings experience in sales and business positions and has solid plans for effectiveness and efficiency, leading to expansion. 

Claire Crowley was promoted from Goody Delivery Assistant Manager to GD Manager; She excels in overall  management and will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Goody Delivery® business and help grow the business.

Rosanne Thiry was promoted from Assistant Executive Director to Director of Human Services. She is a master of all things staff and employees. 

Cathy Olsen was recruited for her experience in training and Speech Pathology, which requires knowledge of disabilities, teaching, and attention to detail.

Chloe McElhaney was an excellent addition with a unique and intimate knowledge base and keen skill sets for supporting adults with disabilities.

Linda Laney’s career as a special education teacher made her a perfect fit for Heartstrings.

Jodee Williams brings a combination of powerful business experience and  passion for giving back to the community.

Rebecca Thiele adds additional experience and offerings in teaching Special Education. 

Jodi Dodds brings experience in IDD adult services to Heartstrings from the individuals she previously served. 

Kat Anstine joined as Director of Development and brings a wealth of experience in marketing, operations and business development along with a passion for serving the greater good. 

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About Heartstrings Community Foundation

For 18 years, Heartstrings Community Foundation has provided unique employment opportunities for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities by forming a Kansas Non-Profit Corporation 501c3. With first-hand experience with the challenges of assisting adults with disabilities to acquire and maintain successful employment, we’re uniquely qualified to provide this necessary community support.

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Kat Anstine – Director of Development

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